There is Something You May Not Know About Me

I thought I would take a second to share something you may not know about me.

Did you know that I have over 35 years of marketing and advertising experience? Why is this important? Though I often share my creative work, many of my clients come to me for headshots and branding.

As a photographer with extensive marketing experience, I am able to not only capture compelling images but also educate you on the most effective ways to use your images to promote yourself and your brand. This experience includes helping to create eye-catching and engaging social media campaigns and collaborating to help you fulfill your visual communication needs.

Though you can use stock images for your marketing, it is so important for your clients/customers to see YOU in your branding. Do you have to be constantly be posting selfies and videos of you talking, dancing, eating . . .??? No, but you need to show up. When your clients see YOU they feel more connected to YOU and this helps create brand loyalty.

I am not one to put myself in front of the camera, but I know it is important for people to see me once in a while. Having a photographer you trust, that can put you at ease is so helpful. I have photographed hundreds and of people and the majority HATE to be in front of the camera. They never know how to stand or what to do with their hands. I promise, I will guide you every step of the way.

90% of my clients think having their photos taken is as scary as jumping out of a plane! But most have so much fun and get so comfortable they are asking me about local modeling agencies.

Photo Credit: Jenna Willard

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