Who are You?

By Veronica Basulto

Author of Dena Meeder Portraits blog.
Author and makeup artist for
Dena Meeder Portraits

Have you ever felt like something wasn’t right? You get asked to do something and the first thing that pops in your head is a solid NO, but what you just heard was SURE! Wait! Who said that?! You’re thinking, why the hell did I agree to this? I have so much to do, how can I rearrange things? You start cutting your own needs short and start on everyone else’s “To do” lists.

I went through more than half of my life doing this. My reasons ranged from, my friend needs help to only I can do it right. Yes, I can be a little self-righteous at times, but I’m getting better. I swear!

In hindsight, I was focused on everyone else because if I focused on them, I didn’t have to focus on me. My stuff was ugly and too much work. Helping someone else was much easier. I gave out compassion and understanding like a Costco sample display. I can give you a workout and meal plan that will have you feeling great and looking great in no time! I can and have counseled a room of 21 men who were in recovery. I’ve counseled people struggling with a budget, and single moms trying to make life work. Being a case manager and substance abuse counselor was such a fulfilling job and I was passionate about it.

I had to ask myself, why is it that I can give all this support and pour into others, but I wasn’t doing it for me? Did you notice I didn’t say couldn’t? I just wouldn’t.

We all do this at many times in our lives, whether its on a physical, mental or emotional level.

I’ve struggled with addiction as a teen (still do but now it’s food). I was a widow at 30 and divorced at 44. We all have a story. Many of us want to throw that book in the fire but the smoke still lingers. It clouds our visions, goals and dreams and we begin to choke.

I must ask, who are you? Ask yourself right now “Who am I”. I’m not talking about who you are to someone else. I want to know, who are YOU?

My name is Veronica. I am strong, passionate, caring, loved, important, called to accomplish my purpose, and through this blog we are going to talk about these things and focus on ourselves. We will be learning to love ourselves and while I can say it will get deep, we will also have fun and through it all learn to love ourselves more and step into allowing ourselves grace. I want to hear back from you. Send questions, topics that interest you, and if you feel led to, tell me about you. After all this isn’t just about me but all about US!

Your sister and friend in the journey,
Veronica MUA

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